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Non-Invasive Fat Reduction without Downtime.

Finally a non-invasive treatment for excess fat that really works and produces results you can see! UltraShape painlessly destroys fat cells and removes inches from your waistline in as little as two weeks! FDA cleared in April 2014, UltraShape uses focused ultrasound energy to rid that stubborn area of fat for good, without any downtime.

How does it work?

UltraShape works by focusing ultrasound waves to a specific point beneath your skin to destroy fats cells. During the treatment focused ultrasound waves mechanically break apart your fat cells. You may feel a warming sensation but there is no pain or uncomfortable cooling. Most patients require three treatments spaced two weeks apart. Each treatment takes about an hour. And, there is no downtime, so you may go back to work or normal activities immediately.

UltraShape MOA

Who is best for UltraShape?

UltraShape is great for patients who live a healthy lifestyle and exercise on a normal basis, but may still have problem areas of excess fat that won’t go away. UltraShape is not a large-volume weight loss solution; but it is ideal for patients who may not be ready for surgery yet have areas of excess fat that bother them. If you have at least 3 cm of unwanted fat that you can pinch, then UltraShape can help.

What are the results?

Although UltraShape recently received FDA clearance in 2014 it has been studied extensively worldwide for the past 10 years. Studies have consistently shown an average 3 – 6 cm reduction in waistline circumference after the treatment series. Before and after photos of UltraShape patients may be viewed in our photo gallery.

You have options

At Athenix, we specialize in body contouring and provide the most comprehensive and latest technologies to create a beautiful body. Athenix was specifically chosen by the manufacturer as one of the first centers in the United States to offer this exciting new technology. UltraShape is the latest, most advanced treatment that produces results you can see with no downtime. Call today to schedule a consultation – you’re only a few weeks away from your superior self.




  • No downtime
  • No Pain
  • Results You Can See

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**UltraShape in only currently available at Athenix in Bellevue, WA.