Liposuction Cost Seattle

How Much Does Liposuction Cost?

Because there is no standard procedure for liposuction, there is no standard pricing for liposuction. Visiting a cosmetic surgeon isn’t like hiring an electrician or plumber to perform a specific job—it’s more like commissioning an artist to craft a custom piece according to your vision and specifications. As such, a personal body assessment by a cosmetic surgeon is the best way to get an accurate quote for liposuction cost. Bellevue liposuction facilities vary widely in the technology they utilize, the training and expertise of their staff and the areas they treat.

There are also a number of patient specific factors that influence liposuction cost. Most significantly is the number and size of the areas that will be treated. For example, removing a high volume of fat from the abdomen would likely cost more than a subtle sculpting of the thighs. Because of this variability, it is imprudent to cite any range or dollar figure without a face-to-face consultation.

Because of this variability we provide complimentary consultations with a liposuction specialist at Athenix. During your scheduled meeting, you will be able to discuss your specific goals with the doctor who will be performing your operation. You will have an opportunity to review numerous before and after photos and learn about the procedures that will be used to achieve the results you want.

A cosmetic or plastic surgeon will walk you through some example procedures from previous patients with similar cases as yours. After your complimentary consultation, you will have a realistic expectation of what Micro-Body Contouring can do for you as well as a firm price for the procedure. 

At Athenix, our prices are all-inclusive.  There are no separate or extra fees for things such as garments or the services of an anesthesiologist – it’s all included. At Athenix, liposuction costs can be made more affordable through financing. Approved patients can set up payment plans and low- or no-interest financing that allows them to spread liposuction costs across many months. Depending on your credit history and other factors, you may be able to qualify for monthly payments as low as $180 a month for a Micro-Body Contouring procedure.

Call (888) 547-3467 to schedule your complimentary consultation at Athenix to learn about liposuction costs. Bellevue residents can call locally at (425) 307-3546.