Advanced Body Sculpting Techniques

Tummy Tuck

Love your body after baby.

A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, removes excess fat and skin. It’s very common to struggle with an abundance of excess skin with increasing age, after pregnancy or after significant weight loss. Even individuals within a normal weight range may develop a loose or protruding abdomen. At Athenix, you have options. As specialists in body contouring, we provide the latest, most advanced techniques available.  Our physicians will discuss a variety of different types of tummy tucks to rid the loose skin with the smallest incision and quickest recovery. There are various types of tucks which may include a combination or all of the following; tightening the abdominal muscle wall, removing fat cells, and removing excess hanging skin. A tummy tuck does not get rid of stretch marks, although in most cases stretch marks are located on the hanging skin which is removed during the tummy tuck procedure.

What can a Tummy Tuck do for me?

  • Remove excess loose skin
  • Tighten sagging skin
  • Reinforce separated abdominal muscles
  • Get rid of a protruding belly

See the diagrams below for a comparison of a traditional tuck and a min-tuck.

 Tranditional and Mini tummy tuck diagram

The Athenix Choice

Athenix physicians use only the latest technologies and medical advancements. While smaller tucks may not require general anesthesia, our state-of-the-art surgical suites are fully equipped and ready to handle the most complex cases. Our plastic surgeons will evaluate your skin elasticity and skin tone to determine what kind of tuck will provide you the best results. We will discuss scar placement, downtime, and have all of your questions answered and during your evaluation to make sure a tummy tuck is the best option for your individual situation. To see how Athenix can help you get your ideal body back, call today to schedule a consultation.

  • Get rid of loose skin for good
  • Fit back into those skinny jeans
  • Get a smoother, firmer tummy

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