Advanced Body Sculpting Techniques

Natural Fat Transfer

Better technology for better results.

Have you ever wondered if you could take a little from there and put it over here? Now you can, with Natural Fat Transfer. Our skilled surgeons use your own natural tissues to increase volume or shape wherever you want it — in your face, your buttocks or even your breasts. This revolutionary treatment gives you the youthful fullness you’ve always wanted without the negatives of fillers or synthetic materials.

Our physicians perform Natural Fat Transfer in conjunction with Micro-Body Contouring. Your doctor will gently remove your own healthy fat using the VASER® or Body Jet liposuction assisted system and then transfer that tissue to the area you want enhanced. These gentle technologies improve the quality of the fat and ensures we have a higher concentration of stem cells for the implant, which produces better blood supply and ultimately a more ideal appearance. This less invasive enhancement procedure offers natural looking, longer lasting results, with less risk and no need to return for frequent maintenance.

Athenix physicians are leading the way in this innovative, new technique. Dr. Maurice Sherman, M.D., trained in Japan under Dr. Kotaro Yoshimura, the world’s foremost expert on fat transfer using stem cells.

  • Shape your body without synthetic materials
  • Natural looking results
  • Add contours
    while permanently removing fat

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